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Pianist and arranger, David Ian, releases the anticipated follow-up to his 2011 debut Vintage Christmas that received repeated praise among enthusiasts of Christmas classics and jazz reviewers alike. This new 5 song EP titled Vintage Christmas Wonderland maintains the intimate feel of his debut album while exploring even deeper vocal textures. Nothing evokes the warmth of the Christmas season more than endearing Christmas melodies performed by a small jazz combo. Ian has opted for this sweet vibe that places the accent firmly on melodic and lyrical content. As the title of both his albums suggest, Ian sought to create a vintage sound, one that harks back to classic jazz and Christmas LPs of the 1950’s.
The opening track takes you on a journey into the twilight with angelic harmonies in the appropriately titled “Angles We Have Heard on High,” softening a traditional Christmas Hymn. Guest Vocalist, Acacia, delivers a sweet yet chilling performance that is unique to her voice. “I wanted to set the tone of the album with a departure into a supernatural experience,” states Ian. His arrangement of Winter Wonderland is an emotionally sophisticated classic that draws the listener to the cozy fireplace of holidays past, led by the distinguished vocals of Andre Miguel Mayo and soulful background vocals of Talitha Walters-Wulfing. While featuring familiar vocalists from his debut album, the addition of the sister duo Tal & Acacia provides an unexpected treat as they flower his arrangement of Jingle Bells reminiscent of the Andrews Sisters. Two distinct instrumental arrangements offer a swinging trio interpretation of Christmas favorites. These masterful expressions of timeless carols retain the dignity and familiarity of the season.
David Ian’s love of Christmas music is evident through his tender recordings. His unique experiences studying and performing classical, jazz, and pop music have naturally led him to a sound that is familiar, inviting, and nostalgic. His childhood experiences in Canada, where he was raised, have undoubtedly magnified his celebration of the Christmas season that has become his favorite and most meaningful. “My hope is to echo and perpetuate this sentiment through music into the homes of many,” says Ian.
This season, prepare the fireplace, pour out a steaming cup of hot cocoa, color the living room with Christmas lights and allow David Ian to walk you though the cozy Vintage Christmas Wonderland.


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